(A) CURRENT ACCOUNTS: personal current account and corporate current account

(B) SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: Edo MFB has different accounts in this category.

They are:-

(1) FIXED DEPOSIT: This category of account can be booked for

7 days (on call savings) week

30days monthly

60days monthly

90days Quarterly

180days half-year

360days full year

(a) Xmas Saving: This saving is accessed at the Christmas festivity period in December payment starts in October.
(b) Yearly Savings: This saving runs for 12 full months from the day it was created
(c) Target Saving: This saving is done towards a particular target or objective which could be personal or business oriented and payment starts in October
(d) Trust Saving: This category of account is opened for children below 18years, to be accessed at 18years or any other designed age as the parent or guardian may deem fit.
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